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A triumph of colours and shapes

Discover Deruta, its cultural heritage, the ceramic excellences, its good land.
Discover the magic of a secular art.

  • The museum

  • The Regional Ceramics Museum of Deruta is the oldest ceramics museum in Italy; established in 1898, it displays more than 6000 works and it is housed in the entirely restored 14th-century convent of San Francesco, in the historic centre of the town.

    The first title “Museo artistico pei lavoranti in maiolica” (Art Museum for Majolica workers), already present in the first Museum catalogue in 1900, suggests us the still contemporary mission of the Museum, that is not only a place for the conservation, but also a model for artisans inspiration.

Visitors reviews

Amazing museum where you can find a lot of beautiful artworks, as Alpinolo Magnini’s ones, great and eclectic artist and author of the Deruta ceramic rebirth in the 20th century, thanks to the research, training and archaeological activity.
Leila, Google review
A discovery. Well arranged museum, with an impressive amount of pieces of different periods and with good explanations. Very interesting the underground site too. An intriguing storage tower. Polite and professional staff.
Dino, Tripadvisor review
A very interesting museum, complemented with numerous majolica (work)shops all over the old city. Next to the museum there is a small panoramic garden overlooking the new town and the valley. Worth a visit!
Dirk Luger, Google review
The museum is beautiful and the staff is very friendly (never got a reception like this). Our guide (very kind and professional) has been wonderful.
Alessandra, Caterina, Giacomo and Stefano, from our Guestbook
Extremely interesting and effective tour, the staff kindness makes it even more appreciable. Thank you very much!
Anna and Gianni, Novedrate (Co), from our Guestbook
An exceptional exhibition in a beautiful building! Definitely worth a second visit!
Marianne and David, UK, from our Guestbook
Congratulations for the museum and particularly for the guides, very experienced and kind! Good luck!
Manfred, Switzerland, from our Guestbook
Wonderful museum! Very interesting collections, care and competence of the staff. Thanks!
Pino and Cristina, Milano, from our Guestbook
The museum visit has been a beautiful discovery, thanks to the staff competence too.
Armando, Torino, from our Guestbook
Ceramic is a passion! Congratulations for the arrangement, your kindness and knowledge.
Ilaria, Roma, from our Guestbook
Wonderful museum: good arrangement, good idea the children kit, exciting the exhibition of Laterza collections…congratulations.
A family from Laterza (Ta), from our Guestbook
Amazing museum, very interesting activities, very kind staff. Thanks a lot.
Arianna, from our Guestbook
So many collections, intelligently exhibited, very competent and kind guides! Thank you very much!
Laura, Udine and Roberto, Trieste, from our Guestbook
Everything is wonderful. A beautiful day. The staff enthusiasm conveys a sense of joy and curiosity to know. Thanks and good job.
Diana, from our Guestbook
One of the most beautiful, fine and precious museums I’ve ever seen. Thanks for so much beauty!
From our Guestbook
The mood, the ceramics, people: everything is serene and kind, a true secular story. Thanks!
Piero, from our Guestbook
A very particular museum. The staff is professional and so kind.
Ilaria, from our Guestbook
Beautiful visit tour to discover the history of Deruta ceramics. A travel through time, history and art. We are also thankful for the helpfulness of the staff, who, with passion and experience, guided us into the discovery of the ancient kilns.
Maria and Lorenzo, from our Guestbook
You deserve so much publicity! Great taste and professionalism! What a surprise!
From our Guestbook
  • Museum storage

  • What makes the Museum unique is the presence of a four-levels metal tower reserved for storage.
    A massive structure always open to the public and equipped for study, learning and workshop activities.